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Shade Nets


Utilise the power of regulated light with our Shade Nets, which are carefully constructed for protected horticulture. These nets provide an ideal equilibrium, shading crops from excessive sunlight while allowing for crucial photosynthesis. Precision-crafted, they provide a favorable environment for growth, supporting healthier and more abundant crops.


  • Precision Light Control

  • Enhanced Photosynthesis

  • Innovative Cultivation

Insect Nets2

Insect Nets


Embrace sustainable agriculture with our Insect Nets, a natural insect repellent. These nets, designed for protected agriculture, provide a chemical-free alternative, allowing crops to thrive without being harmed by unwanted insects. Find a balance between environmental awareness and competent pest management to ensure a robust, pest-free yield.


  • Chemical-Free Pest Management

  • Eco-Friendly Cultivation

  • Untainted Harvest

Polyfilm 1



Transform your cultivation landscape with Polyfilm, a cornerstone of protected agriculture.  This adaptable substance improves soil conditions by managing temperature and moisture, creating an optimum setting for strong plant development. Adapt to changing seasons with ease, assuring year-round output and crop health.


  • Seasonal Adaptability

  • Sustainable Farming

  • Robust plant development.

Mulching Paper (1)
Mulching Paper (2)

Mulching Paper


Mulching Paper, a game changer in soil management for protected agriculture, will revolutionise your agricultural operations. This innovative technology improves water retention and temperature management, supporting effective water use and producing a nurturing environment for crops. Mulching Paper, a fundamental component in the route to agricultural excellence, helps you embrace sustainability while increasing yields.


  • . Efficient Soil Management

  • Sustainable Water Usage

  • Agricultural Excellence

Crop Support Net (1)
Crop Support Net (2)

Crop Support Net


Improve crop management with our Crop Support Net, a trusted name in protected cultivation. This net offers essential structural support, preventing damage and allowing for vertical development. It is designed to be a long-lasting companion for crops, adding to their resilience and overall health.


  • Unparalleled structural support for crops

  • Robust development for crops

  • Reliable Crop Management

Floriculture Nets (1)
Floriculture Nets (2)

Floriculture Nets


With our Floriculture Nets, you can immerse yourself in the world of precise floriculture. These nets, designed to fulfil the specific demands of ornamental crops, provide precise care and maintenance. These nets are your ally in developing and presenting amazing floral species with maximum accuracy, whether in greenhouses or open fields.


  • Precision care and management of ornamental crops

  • Offering meticulous care

  • Stunning Floral Displays

Anti-Hail Net (1)
Anti-Hail Net (2)

Anti-Hail Net


Our Anti-Hail Net’s exceptional resilience will protect what you’re growing. This net, designed specifically for hail protection, protects the integrity and quality of your crops in the face of uncertain weather. Choose security, dependability, and Anti Hail Net for crops that can withstand any storm.


  • Reliable Crop Security

  • Weather Resilience

  • Hail Protection

Weedmat (1)
Weedmat (2)



Weedmat, a particularly comprehensive solution for efficient weed management, may help you streamline your cultivation experience. minimise intrusion, reduce maintenance, and choose a sustainable weed management strategy. For a cleaner and more productive farming environment, go with Weedmat.


  • Robust Weed Control

  • Reduced Maintenance

  • Cleaner Environment

Pondliner (1)
Pondliner (2)



Our lasting Pondliner, a crucial component in protected horticulture structures, ensures water containment dependability. This strong liner creates a solid barrier, reducing water seepage and allowing for more effective water management. It is a long-lasting solution for keeping stable water levels, adding to the overall success and sustainability of your agricultural endeavours.


  • Water Containment Reliability

  • Efficient Water Management

  • Resilient Water Solutions